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FIDE World Corporate Chess Championship 2024: Registration Opens!

Registration opens for the FWCCC 2024, with two stages played on Lichess followed by an expenses-paid OTB finals in New York!

FIDE invites you to participate in the 2024 World Corporate Chess Championship, aimed at companies and corporations from across the world. Registration is now open on the 2024 World Corporate Chess Championship official website.

Chess and business share similarities in strategic thinking, decision-making, competition, and the need for effective planning. Both involve navigating complex environments where individuals or companies must assess risks, seize opportunities, and formulate tactics to achieve their objectives. In both realms, success often hinges on the ability to analyze situations, make informed decisions, and adapt to changing circumstances. That is why bringing people from the world of business to chess makes sense!

The inaugural World Corporate Chess Championship was held in 2021 and was completely online. The event witnessed a surge in interest from the business world, with participation from industry giants such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Samsung, Ford, and others. The competition brought together 1,262 players representing 288 companies from 52 countries. Grenke Bank team emerged victorious, taking the title.

This year’s edition will feature an over-the-board final, with top teams meeting in New York to decide the winner.

Who can take part?

The event is open to teams representing legally recognized companies from all around the world. A participating company can register more than one team, with each team consisting of four members plus a team captain (who may or may not also be a player on the team). Every team has a right to have one invited player who is not directly employed at the company or a member of the board, while all other team members have to be working for/on the board of the company. In any round at any stage of the competition, each team must have at least one male and one female player playing. To ensure a level playing field, each team may only have one player whose FIDE standard rating exceeds 2400 (according to the January 2024 FIDE Rating list).

The qualifying stages

The FIDE World Corporate Chess Championship will consist of three stages:

  1. Online Qualifiers (played on Lichess.org)
  2. Online Knockout (played on Lichess.org)
  3. The Finals (played over-the-board at the grand finale in New York in June)

The Online Qualifiers will be played in two different formats – Rapid (six rounds, played with a time limit of 10 minutes plus 2 seconds increment per move, starting from move 1) and Blitz (eight rounds, played at a time limit of 5 minutes plus 2 seconds increment per move, starting from move 1). The Online Qualifiers will be played as Team Swiss System tournaments.

The team’s score shall be calculated as a sum of gamepoints. Each team will score 1 gamepoint for each game won, and ½ gamepoint for each game drawn, and 0 gamepoints for each game lost.
The qualifier stages will take place on the following dates:

DateTimeTime control
March 1614:00 – 18:00 UTCBlitz
March 1714:00 – 18:00 UTCRapid
March 2306:00 – 10:00 UTCBlitz
March 2422:00 – 02:00 UTCRapid
April 614:00 – 18:00 UTCBlitz
April 706:00 – 10:00 UTCRapid
April 1322:00 – 02:00 UTCBlitz
April 1414:00 – 18:00 UTCRapid

The top 8 teams in each qualifier’s final rankings will advance to the Online Knockout Stage. The knockouts will be organized on Saturday, April 20, between 14:00 and 18:00 UTC.

The Finals will take place in New York on June 14-17. They will be played between eight winners of the Online Knockout Stage. The event will feature a group stage and a playoff stage.

The prize

⁠Teams reaching the finals have their travel and accommodation expenses in New York covered.
The winner will get FIDE’s recognition as the smartest company in the world.

Players of the winning team will receive one Von Doren GRANDMASTER MARK II, WATCH. By taking a number of subtle style cues from chess, The Grandmaster Mark II pays tribute to the game that has captivated legions of followers for well over a millennium. The dial is steel white with a hint of shimmer, and the outer edge is decorated with a refined guilloché pattern as well as raised indexes in silver. Contrasted by cobalt blue lancet-shaped hands, the Grandmaster Mark II provides unbeatable readability.

The Swiss Made STP 1-11 movement is visible through the caseback and is protected by a case of polished stainless steel and a double domed sapphire crystal. Delivered on an Italian handmade brown leather strap. Limited to 300 pieces. For more information see: vondoren.com/grandmaster-mark-ii

Additionally, teams reaching the finals secure four seats each for an online simultaneous chess game against a participant of the FIDE Candidates Tournament 2024. Every participating team/corporate gets a digital diploma for participating.

Regulations for World Corporate Chess Championship 2024
Official website

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